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A Note from Di.

I was musing about practice the other day and a childhood saying popped into my head.

"Practice makes perfect!" - Anyone else remember these 3 words echoing throughout much of your childhood.

My dilemma isn't the word practice - because without practice how can we consolidate the learning of a new skill, but the word perfect got me thinking.

Can we be perfect or should we want to be?

We see competitors gaining a perfect score, we find a device that is the perfect solution, there seems to be an illusion of perfection.

In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile record and yet from his achievements at the time, which to many was perceived a perfect race, his record has been surpassed many times.

So perfection is not an absolute, perfection can change.

The other word of my Mum's saying is Practice.

We can practice medicine, we can practice football, therefore practice is doing and repetition.

So for our Mentorship Program and 'practice' calls we will meet weekly and cover something different and exciting each call.

Message from The Ancients

The tides of change are in motion.

You are spirit, you are part of the creator, so the creator is also you. As a collective of souls on earth at this time, you have jointly set the tide of change in motion.

Some call it awakening, others consciousness raising, others a new earth, all is correct; it is a time of change. A time when old energy from your historical past of violence, blood shed and greed has the opportunity to change. There is much discord on your planet, there is truth that is being revealed, there is agenda and greed and yet looking at what has gone before does not activate what is to come. Only in asking for a lighter brighter future can this be revealed.

As you join together with desire: an enlightened civilisation, peace for all, heaven on earth, this is all directing your attention to future potential of what is. What is, is inside you because your light activates it. Your light is the essence of spirit that you are, when you connect to that you connect to us, to All that is.

Listen and See yourself as we see you, and you will leave torment and worry behind.

Listen and see as we see you and you will live your life of dreams.

Start with remembering love, we are love, you are love, be loved, give love. For the times when love is difficult to access remember kindness, compassion is non judgement it is not pity, kindness and compassion are spiritual truths. Accept kindness, Be kindness, what is within so without.

We are grateful for your presence on Earth, we honour you, we love you. (TA-2022)

We respect your privacy and there is no need for you to share information with the group during calls if you don't want to. If you feel you would like something addressed during the call you are welcome to email us prior to the live session and we will discreetly address any issues confidentiality within the sessions.

We will not mention any names or situations that may cause unease.

Take control of your life, feel good all the time, thrive in every way possible.

All this is possible when you let go.. We show you how!

*By joining the group calls you are consenting to being recorded and published on the website via the MP3 or MP4 replay.