"Unifying Spirit and Mind"

Wherever you start from, just curious or Quantum, we awaken your potential by knowing both your physical self and spiritual self. 

If you have experienced any of these statements, your awareness of ‘something’ is already activated. 

All these occurrences and many more are the hidden senses within you that you may choose to activate, to understand, and to control. These signals or messages are demonstrating a reality that is not physical; utilising the energy of spirit brings a life of joy, ease and an understanding of who you are.  


“This course is life changing” JP 2018.

Di Merrick and Nicky Rawle  have collaborated their spiritual knowledge and understanding to present a comprehensive journey for you to reawaken to your spiritual self. They have a deep understanding of the spirit realms and the connection between the spirit mind and human mind. 

Diane was unaware that she closed her spiritual abilities as a child only to reawaken after the birth of her own child. She is a qualified teacher but followed her passion to become an international animal communicator and healer. Nicky has been a natural intuitive from a very young age; in 2012 Di became her mentor and together they now present their unique approach to teaching you about your spiritual self. 

Di and Nicky are passionate about helping people understand and connect to the spiritual essence of who they are. Whether this is dormant or active we support you to enhance your connection. Everyone has a spiritual essence but they do not necessarily activate it within themselves. You are not just your physical body, or your spiritual body, you are so much more. We are dedicated to supporting you to connect to your spiritual self and the limitless potential that the world of spirit provides.


FREE Circle of Twelve  Meditation 14th November 8pm and 12th December

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Introduction to Healing - an in-person course


The Ancient Art of Tarot

Monthly Spiritual Mentorship and Group Meditation Evenings.

Live @ 8pm via Zoom. 

November Calls

16.11.2021- Cycle of Life

(Family in spirit Meditation)

23.11.2021- The Animal Realm  

December Calls

14.12.2021 – Now is your past, present and future

21.12.2021 – raising your consciousness (time to fly) 

Join us for two Mentorship evenings (3rd & 4th Tuesday each month) via zoom. We share our knowledge of the non-physical (spiritual) world and guide your potential; each call includes a meditation and Q&A opportunity. Whether you are just starting your journey of awareness or been connected since a child - we support you. Membership has other benefits: recorded meditations, guidance to control your energy field, channellings and more.  


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What people say.

 These courses have helped me access

 amazing aspects of my whole self. 

 Opening a channel to the spiritual being that is me. 

 Helping me towards spiritual enlightenment   and being who I am meant to be.

 Filling me with confidence and light.  JC. 2018