Course Testimonials

Sally, Jane and Jill are all participating in our Silver level course. 

I highly recommend the Silver Foundation Course. Its a brilliant course packed with information delivered in a fun and inspiring way. If ever you have thought there must be more too life.. then book this course and take the first step of an amazing journey... you won't regret it. l have just completed the first level and looking forward to starting the next one. JP.

"Di has helped my little horse Zeffy on many occasions with both hands on and distance healing and animal communication.  The positive improvements to his health have been amazing.  So when I heard that Di and her colleague Nicky were running a series of workshops "Supporting Spiritual Change" I leapt at the opportunity having no idea what to expect!


To say that this learning has been life changing for me would be a gross understatement!  Di and Nicky are great facilitators  - generously sharing their skills and knowledge and helping me to unlock a whole new world of endless possibilities. My goals of understanding and helping my animals are being achieved through their Animal Communication and Healing workshops. Each day I am amazed at what is possible with an open mind and heart and a connection to spirit thanks to Di and Nicky."  JC

The courses are a revelation, an absolute must. I am a shadow of my former un-confident self. I can drive to places that I would never have dreamed possible without the accompanying meltdown. Whether you are taking the animal communication, healing or any of the other courses, the integrity of Di and Nicky and their material is impeccable. Let them take you on your journey of self discovery, it’s not to be missed. I discovered a truer self in a safe and fun environment. Thank you so much. SG

Doing the Silver Foundation Course was a life changing experience for me. It was great fun but at the same time it challenged the way l look at life and taught me so much about myself and what l was doing with my life. If you have ever thought there must be more to life than there appears to be then you would be right and this programme set up by Di and Nicky will help you to explore and push your boundaries. It will teach much about yourself and open your mind to the potential we all have within ourselves. Now that l have completed the foundation course l am working through the other modules that are available... it just gets better and better and the more you discover the potential we all have to make a positive difference in today's challenging world. JP 26.6.19

The animal communication course which was part of the next stage after the Silver Foundation Course was amazing and inspirational. Learning how to connect with my two ponies and to be able to ask questions and receive answers is unbelievably awesome. To share healing messages through that special soul to soul connection gives you a feeling that is impossible to describe in human words.

Both my ponies have received healing from Di and Nicky on different occasions and the changes that have come from that have to been seen to be believed. In particular I have a little pony who has suffered so badly for many years as a result of severe laminitis. All vets had written him off but now because of the healing he has received he is a happy little pony getting his life back on track and with the changes that have occurred in his feet the blacksmith is able to do the job he has been trying to do for the last 3 years since l had him which is balance his feet... l know now he will soon be normal and pain free... happy days ahead. Thank you Di and Nicky 

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Supporting Spiritual Change.   Herefordshire England.


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