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Quantum Healing

Your Personal Book of Healing.

Open the page that is today and look at what needs healing today,

When you continue to look at what has gone before you keep the past active.

Healing is rubbing out the past so that it does not exist in the today or future.

The future is blank pages.


This is the new age of Quantum Healing. This is the newest healing modality available on the planet. Quantum healing has not been possible before, because Quantum energies have only become accessible in recent times.


We have been given the knowledge to heal in this way, a technique that rejuvenates cells to work together in mind, body and spirit.



Di and Nicky offer Quantum Healing in person or distantly.  



(We welcome clients in person = we are located in Herefordshire, England.) 



Look at the Aura photographs below, the first image it is difficult to see the lady's face and the Aura Chakra photo lacks definition of colour.  The following day the lady had a Quantum healing session with Diane Merrick.

The second pair of photographs were taken one hour after her Quantum Healing; they were taken in the same room at the same time of day.

The lady’s face is clearly visible on her profile photo, whilst the Aura Chakra image suggests her aura is radiating pure spiritual light. Post healing many of the Chakra changes were representative of her body’s healing requirements. Notice also that the purest white light is surrounding her torso.

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