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Animal Communication

Diane has been a professional Animal Communicator for over 10 years working mainly with horses, dogs and cats, however she has experience with a wide variety of species she has a client base both within the UK and internationally.


Nicky is a valued member of the team, she has been working as a professional Animal Communicator for 4 years.  


What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is not the same as animal behaviour or reading an animal’s body language. There are different ways to connect, spiritually, psychically or telepathically. Animals cannot talk (they do bark, meow or neigh), language is associated with humans, but animals can and do communicate. We are interpreters of the unspoken messages. We use a mind to mind telepathic link, to communicate with your pet and if your loved has passed to spirit we adapt and connect spiritually.

How is Animal Communication possible?

Have you ever thought of someone and you see them the next day or they telephone you? Telepathy is mind to mind communication, thoughts not words, we do it and so do animals.

Animals use all of their senses to communicate and predominantly communicate through images, sort of like picture messaging. Animals are sentient beings (having consciousness and can feel pain).

We are practiced at translating their thoughts. Usually animals are happy to be heard, some more responsive than others, but this is their character that you'll already be aware of.

With permission we also scan the energy body of your animal for areas which are not vibrant or flowing. We do not diagnose, your vet does that, but can provide information of how they are feeling and any potential areas to investigate.

What we require for a distance communication

After you have booked your communication we will require by email, your animals name and age together with two photographs. One photograph of your animal’s head, showing a clear view of their eye (either side or front view), the other a whole-body photograph side view please. These photos do not have to be recent, however they must be the only animal in the picture and without a person please.  


We ask you for questions of what you’d like to know and provide the opportunity for you to send your pet a message. Not all animals are chatter boxes, but they will answer questions. Asking up to 10 questions usually gains an insight into your reason for communication. We will always ask permission; We respect your animal and their wishes are paramount.


We send you an appointment time as for optimum interaction we need your animal’s full attention (i.e. not walking, riding or playing during the appointment time please).

How do I book a consultation?


Fee for Animal Communication is

Di Merrick £75

Payment and booking can be made via our shop. When you provide your email via the booking system; we will send a form requesting your details, together with your pet’s details and where to send your photographs and questions. We will arrange an appointment time for your consultation, you do not need to be present with your pet unless you prefer to be. 

After the session we will email a copy of our notes or if you prefer we can telephone you via FB messenger, Zoom, or What’s app.  

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