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Tuesday Night Spiritual Mentorship Booking Page

We are live 2 Tuesdays each month for interactive Spiritual Mentorship calls, where we coach and teach all aspects of self – spiritual techniques and practice, mind and manifestation and how your body, emotions and energy react to all elements. ….. (7.30pm Via Zoom)

1 Month Zoom Subscription

2 Group Calls (1st & 2nd Tuesday of the Month)

Gives you the same 2 Live Tuesday Calls each month 19:30GMT

Membership benefits including call replay.

Monthly fee, £30 per month (plan expires last day of month)

Membership valid only for month of purchase.

Plan ends last day of the month regardless of date purchased

Buy your plan at start of month to get full member benefit.

6 Month Zoom Subscription

This is a (Min 6 Months) rolling plan of our Group Call

Take the hassle out of remembering to join each month

No hassle automatic renewal each month

Save money with our Recurring Payment Plan

Giving you 2 Live Tuesday Calls each month (19:30GMT),

Membership benefits and call replays.

Monthly billing of £25 each month for a duration of 6 months minimum.

*Please after your min 6 month subscription, if you would like to cancel you subscription please email us with notification that you no longer wish to join us, 4 weeks prior to leaving.*

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