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February 25th to be held at Avenbury, Bromyard from prompt 10am start until 3pm. 


Have you ever wanted to help your friends and family but you're not there in person?

Have you felt helpless when someone is unwell?

Have you known you can do more but not known what or how?


We are All healers, we just need to learn to connect and follow a simple process.

For those professionals wishing to enhance your techniques, develop your ability to scan.

For those wanting to learn animal healing, this course compliments animal healing.

New to healing or a healing Wizard - this workshop will take you to another level.


The day is packed with knowledge sharing and practical experiences.


Bring Snacks/Packed Lunch, and any dietry requirements you might have.  Tea / Coffee provided. 


Learn how to scan a body in person and get feedback. (Please note: Scanning is not a diagnosis yet knowing where to direct healing can amplify healing).

Learn how to scan a body remotely.

Learn a meditation to safely project your energy.

Learn how to connect distantly to a person.

Learn what is possible when you're not there.

Learn how to distantly/remotely heal (For me this is more powerful than hands-on).

In Person Remote/Distance Healing Workshop

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