You know you’re looking for something but do you know what?


1:1 - Do you feel something is missing or is it time for change? 

1. When you don’t know what you want or you feel something is missing, are you listening to your inner guidance?

When you know you want something but you don’t know what, your mind is searching from what you’ve experienced before. This feeling is your intuition sending information, but you may not know how to listen. Your intuition is your spiritual essence, it knows what you want. Do you want to learn to listen to it? 


2. Do you know what is holding you back?

If you perceive your finances stop you, relationships bind you or your health concerns restrict you, your perception is flawed. There is always a choice, even a choice of thought. When you feel held, how can you move forward? Letting go does not mean less, letting go enables you to be more. Are you ready to let go and allow your life to improve?


3. Do you feel you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help?

When the seed of how you feel is hidden, accessing your spiritual self is the key to finding and knowing, why your mind and body have not let go. We guide you so you can live a life where no matter what is happening or happened, you can control how you feel. Spirit does not want you to live a life in despair. Are you ready to let us guide you?


4. Are you already aware of spirit but feel you are not progressing or struggling to meditate?

There are filters that restrict connection, some are human-made, others spiritual lessons. Fear is human-made, Karma is made both in this lifetime and others; we teach how you let go. We teach you how you translate, which isn’t always how you’ve learned. Spirit is limitless, we do not limit you. Are you ready for your journey to becoming Quantum? 


5. Are you reactive to your environment or proactive?

Do you feel emotionally hurt when someone offends you? This is because it is not your truth; if you feel hurt, guilty, blamed or a victim, then you are reacting to others. Knowing yourself, your motives and your truth is empowering and builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Do you follow your intuition or do you react to events, perceiving you have no control? Knowing yourself and the spiritual self within you enables a proactive life of ease.


6. When you look at a problem, how can you see the solution?

Do you feel emotionally hurt when someone offends you? This is because it is not your truth; if you feel hurt, guilty, blamed or a victim, then you are reacting to others. Knowing yourself, your motives and your truth is empowering and builds self-esteem    and self-confidence.

Do you follow your intuition or do you react to events, perceiving you have no control?

Knowing yourself and the spiritual self within you enables a proactive life of ease.

7. How do I know if this is the right time to change, or am I procrastinating? 

Our mind often presents obstacles because the energy we are emitting is the predominant attraction, for example, fear or anxiety will hinder connection to your gut-feeling. This is ‘you’ getting in your own way and not taking action. Procrastination however, is your intuition (gut-feeling), giving feedback back that events are not in place for an easy, fulfilling experience.

8. Do you trust yourself?

Consider those people around you, who do you trust? Who speaks the truth? Truth is always individual; another person’s truth may not be your truth. Trust is about discerning what is right for you, what is your truth? Do you trust yourself? The spiritual essence that is you is your intuition, you already know your truth, but you may not hear it. Do you allow your mind to control your spirit or your Soul to guide you?

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When you don’t know what, you just know there is something more, connect to your Spiritual Self to find your answers.

We support you to understand yourself, both spirit and mind. We teach you how You interpret the world around you so you can be in control; changing what you want to change; Unifying your Spiritual Mind and your Human Mind.

“This Course is Life Changing”.(JP2018)

1:2 - Do you live with fear or anxiety, or feel that life has dealt you a harsh hand?


1. Have you noticed repeating patterns of negativity in your life?

Have you ever said, “I can’t take any more”, or “Same Stuff Different Day”? Think of a wheel turning, harsh, juddering movements – it’s uncomfortable. What if you leapt onto another wheel of gentle, flowing, positive momentum? No matter how long you’ve experienced negativity, you can change the negative patterns; let us show you how.

2. Does life feel a struggle?

Do you feel resigned that life is a battle? That no matter what you do, nothing goes well for you. Perhaps your finances are poor, your relationships hard work or your health restricting. Life is not meant to be a struggle; you are not meant to face a mountain each day. How high are your obstacles – mountains, hurdles or molehills? We help you to release what’s holding you. 

3. Are you living in fear and don’t know why? How much fear is within you?

Do you associate fear with spiders, snakes, flying or the dark? Fear is so much more. It is a holding energy that covers and restricts growth. Fear is often hidden; it can be an overcoat, perhaps used as protection. Do you fear the unknown? Some fear is natural, but can be out of balance or out of control; it can restrict your life in so many ways. We teach techniques to release Fear and find trust.

4. Have you experienced depression, anxiety or lack of control?

Have people or events in your life caused you to become overwhelmed? When you are reactive to situations, you allow people and energy to control you, when you know yourself, you take control. Have you felt in a ‘Dark Place’? When you light a match, darkness dissipates. We all have a match; let us help you find yours.

5. Do you blame others or do you blame yourself?

When you blame others, you lose control. You might feel that – ‘it’s not me’, or ‘they’re lying’, but you are reacting. Releasing blame is not condoning words or actions, it stops blame or resentment magnifying within you. Anger is a powerful emotion that fuels more anger. If you wait for someone to change so that you feel better, it doesn’t last. When you change yourself, you are in control. 

6. Do you feel a victim to circumstance?

Using labels such as victim holds you to the person or circumstance. If life presents challenging events, don’t dwell on the memory; it activates the same chemical/emotional reaction whether it was yesterday or years ago. We help you to move on. If you feel victimised, we teach you how much control you have of your life; appreciation and forgiveness lets go of negative experiences.

7. Do you fear change or does change excite you?

Fear is a human emotion, not spiritual. When you let go of fear, you become so much more, because fear is restriction. You cannot stand still, even if you feel you are. Stagnation is lack of flow. Change is natural, nature always changes. Each season does not fear the next, it embraces Spring – Birth / Summer – Growth / Autumn – Change / Winter – Rest.

Change is movement. – Learning to Listen to your Spiritual Self is Empowering.



We support you to let go of fear, anxiety and so much more, take control of your life.

Let go of the influence of others, you are important, your opinion matters.

It’s your time to know who you are, and follow your own path.
We teach you to unify your spiritual mind and your human mind.

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1:3 - Have you been told or do you feel unworthy or do you lack confidence?

1. Was your childhood good or challenging?

Much of your truth is formed in childhood, where as a child you subconsciously accepted the truth of those that cared for you. This survival instinct is natural. However even with good experiences, a negative reaction or belief has the potential to hold. Do you know who you are? Feeling unworthy gives away your power, connecting with your spiritual essence, brings awareness of who you truly are and opens the door for you to shine.

2. Do you struggle with low self-esteem or lack confidence?

Our reactions to words or events at any point in our life can remain and build momentum over time. Perhaps someone said, you weren’t good enough, or shouted at you, and this held an emotional ‘shock’. Then other similar occurrences built layers, resulting in withdrawal. Find yourself and let go of your reaction to others or events.

3. How often do you feel sad or have a heavy heart?

Your feelings and emotions are signposts. Thoughts create reality when they are linked with emotion, positive or negative. You may feel that you are a positive person and yet, feel sad or unworthy. The light of True Spirit is only Love, Light and Compassion. You are the only person who can change how you feel; let us support you to connect to and understand your Spiritual-Self.

4. Do you listen to the gossip of others? Are you surrounded by negative people?

How much gossip do you hear each day? Do you enjoy the interactions? Do you like to be gossiped about? If not, consider this – a gossip likes another gossip, the energy is magnified. Listen to your conversations, they reflect your inner feelings. We help you to change what you don’t want and then resonate powerful positive energy that shines, thus allowing positive people into your life.

5. How many times do you apologise?

Spiritually asking for forgiveness is the essence of your soul, it is being in balance with the world around you and within yourself. However, do you continuously apologise because you do not feel worthy? Has life ‘caused’ you to feel the need to apologise for being you?

6. Have you been told you were evil or naughty?

Labels are not only your name or profession (I am a teacher). As a child were you labelled or did you consider yourself as naughty? Have you been told that you are evil if you talk to spirit? Follow your intuition and not another’s opinion. If you constantly judge yourself, ask yourself Why?

7. Did you rebel as a teenager? Do you know why?

If you felt rebellious, did no one listen to you, where you pressured or did you feel judged? What action did you take? Do you still feel that way? Traumatic, emotional experiences hold patterns. As your memory holds onto negative emotions, it can be difficult to let go. Learning about who you are spiritually brings self-confidence. Do you know yourself?


8. No – Do you like this word or did you hear it often?

The word No, can be considered negative. Have you heard these words? ‘Don’t do this or that’, or ‘No you can’t have it’; No, is denial. Spirit does not deny you anything that you are ready to receive. However, demanding or wanting is restriction. We do not limit you; do not limit yourself.



 Release the opinion of others and know who you truly are.

Connecting with your spiritual self is empowering.

We are spirit living in a human body; let us help you to understand yourself and the spirit world.

Trust, Let your light shine; Follow your path.
We teach you to unify your spiritual mind and your human mind.

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1:4 - Have you succeeded when the odds were against you? Do you want to?

1. Do you feel judged? Do you like being judged?

Spirit does not judge you, so why do you allow yourself to feel judged?

If you feel hurt because someone is judging you, it is your reaction to someone’s opinion. A negative reaction suggests that the opinion is contradicting your truth. For some judgement is positive, it is feedback, or an opportunity for self-improvement. When you know yourself – spirit, mind and body, it is easier to accept yourself.

2. Do you know the power of your mind? Mind over matter.

Your human mind is very powerful and yet it is easy to perceive that you are not in control. You are the only one who can think for you, you cannot think a thought for anyone else. The challenge is knowing yourself, taking action and keeping focus. You can or you can’t, is a belief. Mind over matter is only limited by your mind.

3. Do you struggle to get a job or gain promotion?

When you feel the odds are against you, this is a restriction. The ability to gain employment predominantly comes from the mind. Confidence is a consequence of reacting to your environment, positively. Many factors influence employment or promotion, you are always the common denominator. Connecting to your spiritual self raises self-esteem and enables you to follow your gut-instinct.

4. Is Competition good or bad?

Competition means there is supply and demand. Competition therefore is a balance, too much is excess demand, too little many suggest a niche. Spirit guides you to opportunities, your mind chooses what you’d like to experience – this is freewill.

5. Meditation – how does it help/work?

There are many forms of meditation. Yes, they all help but in different ways. Most will work towards quietening the mind, to release mind issues such as stress. Spiritual meditation connects you to your whole self and the limitless help and potential that the world of spirit provides.

6. Is it your destiny / spiritual path?

Spirit cannot override your freewill. It is the ‘contract’ of being human. You were a spiritual being before being human, you are still are, and you always will be. Only your spirit knows if you need to experience something in the lifetime, this is known as your soul path; most of your experiences are made from your thoughts and feelings.

7. How can spirit help you?

Spirit can help in all aspects of your life, but only when you ask. They can orchestra meetings, introduce opportunities, guide and help you to heal and raise your spiritual awareness. They are the link between your reality and spiritual reality.     

Success is a measure; it can mean different things to different people. Do you look at mountains to climb or hurdles to overcome? Combine your human mind – thoughts and feelings with your and spiritual essence – intuition, and you are in control.  Let us show you how to Unify your Spiritual Mind and your Human Mind.

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1:5 - Has a loved one passed (a person or an animal); are you struggling to let go of grief, do you want to know about the      spirit world?

1. How do I let go of grief or anger?

Grief is a natural process; it is part of being human. If you find it difficult to let go of grief, we teach what happens to spirit after the body dies. Spirit consider it as a transition back to spiritual form. We teach you how to connect to your loved one, anyone can.

If you hold anger after a loved one has passed, we have techniques to accept and then let go of anger. Your loved ones want you the thrive not survive.

2. Why – why did they leave me?

When spirit call, no man can stop the transition. It was their time, no matter how long or short they lived. The spirit is eternal, their physical body ‘died’ not their spirit.

3. Where has my loved one gone?

The physical body was the apparatus to hold the spirit in human form. Now your loved one is in spirit form.

4. I feel alone – how can I move on?

We teach meditations to help you connect to your loved one, to sense and hug and feel their non-physical presence. You are never alone; your spirit guide is here to help you. 

5. Reincarnation – fact or fantasy?

There are many stories of children recalling a previous life where details have been ‘proven’ accurate. You decide if these are genuine. It is our belief that the eternal spirit reincarnates back into human form.

6. Do I need to be psychic to connect to my loved one?

No. Psychics and mediums are translators that convey spirit messages. You can become aware of your loved one once more, we teach you how.

7. Do animals have a soul? Do they reincarnate?

Yes animals do have a soul or spirit. Just as humans their physical body ‘dies’, but their spirit continues. You can connect with them during the meditations that we teach. Animal communicators can connect with the soul of those the other side of the veil, bringing evidence and comfort. Some animals do reincarnate, but humans do not reincarnate as animals.

Grief is natural, it is part of being human. Understanding the spiritual process brings comfort. Would you like to become aware and connect with your loved ones once more? We teach you to open your filters and become aware of spirit.

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1:6 - Do you think of someone and they call you soon after?

1. Do you know who is going to phone you or contact you before they do?

If your answer is yes, your senses are already open. Would you like to Learn your control, your on/off switch? The connections between spirit have no distance, whether that is a spirit living in a human body or one the other side of the veil. What would life be like if you knew things, for example, when the shops were not busy or what gift to buy your friends? Do you want to learn how to become more aware?

2. Do you see feathers when there are no birds in the air?

Spirit do not have a physical body (unless they’re in human form), they do not have a voice-box. Feathers are messages from spirit that they are around. When a feather drops in front of you, or you find one with no logical reason, say thank you and know you are loved.  

3. Do birds or animals react strangely around you?

Animals can also bring messages too. If you witness an animal acting strangely say, ‘thank you’. If they stop, it is likely they were sending a message to you.

4. Do electrical items often break or do you experience static?

Our bodies have an energy field around them, for some people when this is active there is an electrical charge. We teach you about your energy field and the control that you have with your personal energy.

5. Do you know when something is going to happen?

For some people this can feel scary. It is known as premonition and is a psychic ability. Premonition connects with time lines where future events can be seen. Sorry this does not include the lottery numbers. If you are aware of events before they have happened, let us help you understand yourself.

6. Do objects move when there is no explanation?

There are two aspects to this question, one is that you are already aware and observing the non-physical world, do you want to understand more? The other is that you are psychic and not aware. We teach you to control your energy and understand how you translate spiritually.

You are already aware, but not necessarily in control. There is nothing to fear, we share our knowledge to empower you. Learn about yourself and how to control your energy.

Techniques such as grounding and changing your personal energy help with life.

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1:7 - Have you visited a clairvoyant or psychic medium wanting answers or messages?

1. Do you want to know your future?

Spirit do not predict your future because this would override freewill. They are permitted to reveal potentials, but our mind has the power to change these. This is why it is important to understand yourself, both mind and spirit. Are you proactive or reactive with what comes to you? We teach a proactive approach, how spirit can help in countless ways and how to let go of restrictions.

2. Do you want evidence that life exists after death?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, we can all connect with spirit because we are All the essence of spirit too. Do you want to learn to connect and know your truth? Do you want to find your personal evidence that spirit continues after this life?

3. Do you want to hear from your loved one?

Spirit does not have a voice box, and yet they can communicate in many ways. When you connect with your loved one it will be through your senses and thoughts; but you will hear their words, their accent, their love. We can all learn to connect, let us show you how. 

4. Have you had a positive or negative experience with a psychic or medium?

A medium is the third party who relays a message from the spirit form to the human questioner. Spirit never want us to fear, therefore if we feel fear it comes from within us as a reaction to an experience. We have techniques to help you to let go of fear. If you had a positive experience do you want to learn to connect to your loved ones yourself?

5. What is the difference between a clairvoyant, a psychic or a medium?

A Clairvoyant has the ability to see, a psychic will connect with the energy of the questioner and a medium will connect directly to spirit. A common misconception is that psychics can read your future. They actually read the potential or where your momentum is flowing; therefore you have the ability in most cases to change the outcome. They are often considered to be spiritual life coaches.


6. How do they know when I haven’t told them anything?

To some spiritual connection may feel like magic, to others it may appear scary and yet for others it is completely natural. Spirit use telepathy to communicate, humans are translators. Anyone who wishes can learn to listen, do you want to?

Understanding about spirit brings comfort and acceptance. Learning to discern whether the messages are true for you is allowing your intuition to guide you. We All have a spiritual essence within us; therefore you can find who you truly are, mind, body and spirit. Fear is the human mind overriding the spiritual being. We have techniques to let go of fear which facilitates change. Do you want to open your awareness and change your perception of life itself?

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1:8  Have you felt an evil presence or been told the spirit world is dangerous?


1. Is the spirit world something to be afraid of?  

Fear is an energy that is created in human form, it is often generated by experiences but also from the perception of others. If someone has told you that the spirit world is dangerous, they are sharing their experiences and fears. If you have experienced a fearful situation, we teach safety and protection. When connecting to Pure spirit, there is nothing to fear, however as with life many different energies exist. Knowledge is power, we share ours.


2. What are Ouija boards – are they dangerous?

Many stories exist of the negative impact of Ouija boards. They are a tool of connection, a gateway to the spirit world, but should only be used by those who have awareness of protections.  


3. Are witches real? Can they cast a spell on me?

Speaking of witches ignites fear from some people and respect from others. Witches do exist, they are not a supernatural being, but are humans that follow a ritual path to their connection to spirit. They use spells as a ritual base to direct focus and energy.

4. How do I protect myself?

There are many forms of protection, in our workplace we use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We teach of personal protection but not through fear, as life brings many situations where controlling your personal energy is beneficial. If you do not wish someone in your space, bubbles of protection are one form that keep negative influences away.


5. How do I protect my family?

Intention is the most important requisite of protection. You can ask for family protection for children and dependents. Our Unity series of courses teach control of your personal energy and build on to the benefits and protections that guides provide.

6. Has the world been overtaken by dark forces?

There are many countries in turmoil at this time. To some this unrest ignites fear, however, for something to change, something has to change. Uprising and demonstrations are requests to be heard. Dictatorships rule from fear, because it is easier to control a population with fear than allow freedom. Truth is being challenged   in many regions of the world; as the light shines brighter, more is available to see. We teach you to find your light, so you are in control. As each person shines their light, connecting with their spiritual self, compassion and love prevails.    



We all have a choice on where we direct our focus, the habits that we have are only a reflection of the beliefs and energy that hold us. Looking another way, is redirecting your awareness. This is how change is possible. We guide you to connect with your spiritual self and to understand how your mind is hindering or allowing your true self to be. Do you want to take control of what comes to you?

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1:9. Have you sensed the presence of an angel or witnessed a miracle?


1. Do angels exist?

An angel is another word for a spiritual being. Angels do exist, they are from the higher realms of spirit, however contrary to popular belief they do not have wings, play a harp or blow a trumpet. An angel is another word for guide.

2. Was it my imagination?

When your eyes are open you see the physical reality, when your eyes are closed you can see another reality. Whether this is manifested from your mind or images from spirit is determined on how you feel. The presence of an angel is filled with love; many people report awareness of the bright light of spirit.

3. How can Angels help me?

As Angels are guides, they can help us when we ask. They can direct people to help us, to guide us to read and view information or attend events and so much more. We share information about angels on our Integrating Unity course.

4. Can miracles happen?

Throughout history stories exist of individuals summoning the power of ‘super-human’ strength. For example: lifting cars or fallen trees to help those in need, but these are only a fraction of what is possible. Individuals have recalled near death experiences (NDE) and made full recoveries, others told they wouldn’t walk again, but ‘defied’ the odds. "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is." (Albert Einstein)  

5. Why are so many more people curious about spirituality?

The predictions of the Mayan’s and others that the world would end in 2012, was a potential. They saw the ending of an energy cycle. This means a new era of energy has become available, known as Quantum. This spiritual Quantum light radiates for more to see.

6. Do you lack confidence in your spiritual abilities?

We cannot teach you not to doubt, but we can teach you to build a strong connection and know whether you are interpreting with your mind or from a pure spiritual connection. Then the evidence and practice build your confidence.  



How you interpret both your life and the spirit world is individual. We each have different finger prints, we have an individual soul which is part of the whole spirit. Whether you are seeking knowledge or to experience Angels or Spirits we differentiate to your abilities. We help you to understand, to connect and integrate your life and spirituality.  

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1:10. Are you curious about what else exists and do you want to know your spirit guide?


1. Do I have to be psychic to learn about spirit?

No, we are all spirit, we are not all born psychic. However, you can develop this aspect if you want to. Being spiritual is connecting to the essence that is you (some people refer to this as their soul). It is knowing who you truly are.

2. Do you struggle to meditate? Does your mind get in the way?

There are many ways to meditate and many reasons for doing so. Our method of teaching meditation, guides you to your safe place. We have techniques to help you release your ‘mind-chatter’ and any fears that you hold. Whether you meditate with music or silence, we help you find your quiet.

3. I see the world differently to my friends and family – is there something wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong. We are all individual, you were born into your family for various reasons. We do not need to follow their path or view the world and spirituality in the same way. If you do not feel that you ‘fit in’, allow friends to come into your life that support and understand you. Do you want to understand yourself?


4 . Who are spirit guides? How do they help me?

There are many spirit guides who have different roles. You have a main guide (see next question). You may have a family member that has passed who wants to continue to help you. We teach a module about guides on our Integrating Unity course.


5. Do I have a spirit guide?

Yes, you have a main guide who helps you in everyday life, but you need to ask for their help. Whether you are aware of them or not, spirit never leave you alone, they are always here to help. Do you want to meet yours?


6. I don’t see or hear spirit; how do I know I can do this?

Not everyone has the ability to ‘see’ the non-physical world. When you walk into a dark room and turn the light on, what is in the room is revealed to you. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. You interpret the information using your senses and these are unique to you. We awaken your senses so you find how you interpret their guidance.


7. Karma – what is it?    

Karma is an imbalance of energy; some consider it as cause or effect. You can have good karma or ‘bad’ karma. It can be generated in this lifetime or another. With the Quantum shifts of energy, it is possible to redress All karmic issues. We teach you how.




There is much more to life than what you physically see. We are here to help and guide your awareness.

Just by reading one of these questions and being curious shows that you are connecting to your intuition, which is your spiritual essence. Your spirit guide is here to help you with life, let us introduce you.

If you already know them, we’ll help you deepen your connection.

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