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Module 1. Personal Energy, Open & Closing.


We look at topics including, what is spirituality, who you are – both mind, body and spirit.

Practical activities where we show you how to generate energy, and sense the energy of others.

We teach basic protections from both environment and other people’s energy that you feel does not resonate with you.

Finally we teach opening and closing your energy fields – the benefits of controlling your energy. 

Module 2. Focus Meditation, Meadow and Rooms.


Building on from the first module, we look at focus, why it is important and how it is relevant within spirituality and life.

We consider different forms of meditation and what suits each person and lifestyle.

There are two forms of meditation that we teach which offers an insight and gateway to your spiritual self.

Module 3. FUDGE


This acronym sounds sweet but the module involves looking at avenues that restrict you. We help you lessen or remove the filters that cause blocks.

For example, fear – if you hold an energy of fear within you, whether that is a fear of spiders or a fear of the dark, the root cause of that fear can make your spiritual connection difficult.

We help you to know yourself and anything you choose to change or let go of; we guide you through various techniques that support change. 

Module 4. Chakras, Auras and Colours


As the title suggests, the foundation of your personal energy is your Aura and the

energy gateways known as Chakras. We teach you how to sense, and align your personal chakras and discuss how these affect your physical body.


We teach the basic layers of energy fields around you and how to sense them.

We look at how your aura affects you and the colours within your aura and we support you to finding your base colour – what this means spiritually for you.

Module 5. Spirit Guides


This module teaches who the various guides are and how they can help. We discuss what they can do and what they are not able to do. Also how they help you through your journey of life.


We support you to connect with your main spirit guide, helping you with your interpretation and how you translate their information.


There will also be a demonstration by either Di or Nicky as they connect with their guides.

Module 6. Spiritual, Psychic or Mind


We are leaders in the field of teaching Soul-mind and Human-mind connections.


We share our knowledge on how each individual can discern whether they are working from a soul-mind perspective or a human-mind perspective. We teach you to know the difference which enhances all aspects of your connection to the spirit realms.


Fun activities that demonstrate how you can perceive psychically make this module one of the most enlightening of all the foundation modules.

We are unique in our approach to teaching spiritual learning, as we fundamentally focus these foundation modules on learning about your-self and your connection to the non-physical realms. This has been proven when teaching the gold and infinite courses and ultimately accessing Quantum. Our students’ abilities and confidence shine. Let us share our knowledge with you, we differentiate between all levels, supporting those who are inquisitive to know more and enhancing those already aware.

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