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Any Karmic issues generated in this lifetime can be redressed. 

What is Karma?


Karma is the adverse effect of one’s actions.


Karma is an imbalance of energy which is generally formed from a negative emotional attachment. It is not always created from a traumatic event, but it has an emotional impact. If you have intentionally caused offense or harm then karma is about redressing the balance; you may not be aware of it but karma can affect you in many ways.

There are different aspects of karma, as it can be generated in this lifetime or carried from another life experience.

How do I know if I have karmic issues?

Recurring aspects in life that are difficult to address, this can be in any part of life:

Bad luck – do you feel that life is against you or that no matter what you do nothing goes well for you?

Relationships issues – do different partners follow similar patterns of behaviour?

Financial issues – if money grows on trees, is your tree always barren?

Health issues – not all illness holds a karmic resonance, consider where you are now and whether treatments seem to fail or healing techniques do not last. Do you feel you’ve had this issue for a long time and nothing seems to help?

Perhaps you’ve tried many healing modalities or positive thinking, you may have read books or followed the law of attraction. Are you fed up of getting no-where?

Karma can hold you where you are.

Karmic releases are letting go of the past so that change is easier.

Can karma be released?

Yes of course. Unlike teachings of old, today’s energy on earth provides the opportunity to redress karma during this life time.

How can a karmic release help me?  

We guide you to finding what aspect of your past is holding you from moving forward. Our technique addresses the issue from the root cause. We support you to finding your root cause and achieve balance in your life. When karma is released it allows you to move forward.   Book a consultation with Di or Nicky.

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