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21.12.20 Winter Solstice MediSSC
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Meditation - LightSSC
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Meditation CalmnessSSC
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Peace meditationSSC
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Meditiation Letting go of StressSSC
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Abundance MediSSC
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10. Circle of 12 October 20201SSC
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The Illusion of Life.


Although we’re apart, We travel together. Our path is the same, It goes on forever.

Forever has no measure, For life has no meaning. Exploring life’s treasure, As we walk our lives, dreaming.


Dreaming is life, For life is illusion. The happiness of being Is borne from confusion.


So welcome those moments When your world seems to spin, As this leads to the opening Of that flower within.


Its’ perfume so precious, Its’ colour so bright. As each petal unfolds You step into light.


The Universe is there, With arms held open. Pouring out love, Pure energy unspoken.


Searching for something, We reach out with fear. Stop looking so far, The Universe is near.


As you open your heart And that flower unfolds, Look into the mirror, Look deep and behold.


The energy that pours forth, So much love crystal clear. What a magical moment, The realisation draws near.


Your hand on your heart, Your words pour out free… “I walk in the Light for the Universe lives in Me”


Sylvana Ginella 1993

Spiritual you and Mentorship Info 

You are not just your physical body, you have a powerful mind, you have emotions and you have a spiritual essence that connects them all.


There has never been a time in Earth’s history so special as this. Yes we are experiencing a pandemic throughout the world, violence, disruption, deceit and greed in all areas of the globe, but no one has triggered the red button of a world war.

These troubled times are allowing many people time to reassess their lives, their understanding and their truth.


Spiritually is also unique at this time. This era is special as we now have access to what is known as 5th dimensional energy. To the scientists, nothing has been proven so evidence has to come from within.

Many of you will have noticed subtle changes, more people discussing spirituality or sharing experiences, some people are aware of differences in energy frequencies others a perception of time which seems to have speeded up. 5D energy - 5th dimensional, (not the much talked about 5G), are higher vibrating energies that everyone of us has the opportunity to utilise.


We are here to help you become aware, to learn and experience the essence of spirit that you are. The benefits include:



Getting along better with others

Connecting to those who have transitioned to spirit.

Finding and Knowing yourself

Letting go of fear

Finding truth

Raising your consciousness so that you connect with all that is

For some spiritual ascension is also possible

There's so much more,

Many call our teachings ‘Life Changing’, because we show you how to utilise your spiritual self within your life, not just when you are meditating.

Spirit can only help us when we ask. We teach you to ask in the right way.

We teach to accept yourself and also others around you.  

Any questions – ask away – Di and Nicky have a wealth of spiritual knowledge and connections to many guides (some of you know them as angels or spirit).

With a compassionate approach that is inclusive to all, and with the support of those on the call, these hours we spend together are filled with love and compassion.

If you’ve ever felt different, that you don’t belong – you do now.

You are not alone; we appreciate you and welcome you.

We are live every 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month via zoom.

If you’re busy that day we have replays on the members page that is active for the following month, plenty of time to catch-up.

Joining the SSC monthly membership grants you access to the members only page on website where you not only have access to the replays but other bonuses including meditations, controlling your energy field, channelling and more.  


All this and the live mentorship calls for £20.

Click here to book you place.

If you can’t commit to the monthly membership, we offer an ad hock option to join us for a single call @ £10 each call. (Sorry without the membership benefits though). Please Email us to book.

Any questions, Email us

Channelling Info 

What is the difference between Psychic, Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Channelling?

All of the above have the ability to use extrasensory perception to gain information hidden from normal senses.

The word medium means middle man – spirit communicates through the middle man to the third person, if you are a medium you are the person in the middle.  

Psychic medium – tends to read the person and their energies and connects to spirit through the person. You ask/want to connect to the spirit usually this is the spirit of a loved one that has passed. Psychic mediums offer guidance usually from your family members or provide evidence of your loved one’s presence.  

A clairvoyant has the same ability as the psychic medium but tends to use their ability to see (not through normal eye sight) in order to convey the messages. It is another name for a medium. They can also be a spiritual medium.

Spiritual medium – connects directly to the spirit and or the spirit of a loved one in order to convey messages. It is the spirit who wants to connect with the enquirer and will link directly to the spiritual medium rather than through the energy of the enquirer. Spiritual mediums will often bring messages from spirit from those not related to the enquirer. This type of message is more likened to what spirit wants you to hear.  

Some spiritual mediums can also hold the ability to channel. Channelling is an overview, they channel everything, they channel the message of spirits.

A gifted translator (person who channels) permits their conscious mind to step aside thereby allowing the message of spirit to be directly given.  

The deeper levels of channelling, the guide melds with energy of the translator to bring a direct telepathic message.  

Depending on the spiritual connection there will be a bias of information, some spirit hold wisdom of science, others of philosophy, others of life and every-day living, earth issues and more; with some connections personal questions are permitted.

The art of channelling is spirits way of making the knowledge available to everybody. It is by kind permission that spirit can connect with the person delivering the messages (translator) thus allowing it to be heard by many ears.