Entity Removal

Unfortunately not all spirit is of light. The potential for an entity to attach to your energy field exists, however they are not common. Di and Nicky work together to remove any entity that is disruptive to you. 

How do I know if I have an entity with me?

Meditations that constantly scare you.

An unusual headache that wont go away.

A sense that you have a shadow or something that makes you feel uneasy.

Do you feel or have you been told you have been hexed or cursed?

Are you struggling with your Spiritual development?

A rage you have no control over and there is no reason for.

A deep rooted fear, that can't be explained.

Someone has seen or told you that you have an entity (we call them Gremlins)   

It is often difficult for you to be aware of an entity as they meld with your energy. For those that aware it can be difficult for you to remove them, which is where Di and Nicky specialise. 

Our technique is safe and lasting. 

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