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Soul Karma

Karma has the potential to be carried from one life experience to another.

What is Soul Karma?


Soul Karmic imbalances can transcend through time. In the Quantum age we now have the opportunity to balance this Karma here on Earth. Perhaps consider that you have a push pull reaction from your past, where each time you try and move forward something always pulls you back. Strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, sorrow, or any emotion that no matter what you do keeps active in your life today.


How do I know if I hold Deep Karmic issues?


Life – Feeling stuck or drained and you don’t know why.

No matter what, you can’t move forwards or side-ways, you know this feeling but you don’t know why.

Spiritual awareness – The universal shift has brought many to feel there is something holding you back.

You want to work spiritually and yet your connection is hazy, no matter how hard you practice.

You know you’re spiritual and yet you find meditation or holding connection difficult.

You feel frustrated and are almost resigned to thinking, that is what it is; you are trying to accept your life but your gut instinct knows, there is something more to your frustration.

Relationship issues – the potential to struggle with relationships or accept who you are. A deep dislike or adverse reaction for no reason, this is an inner knowing.

Finances – it is rare for financial difficulties to reflect Deep Soul issues – see karmic release.

Health issues – it is possible for health issues to be connected to soul Karma.


How do you help me redress my Deeper Karmic issues?


We guide you to acknowledging and accepting all aspects of yourself. Not through judgement, we do not judge, we are here to guide you to finding your karma and letting it go. Our soul, or higher-self has had many life experiences, war, poverty, famine, so much negative energy; there is potential to carry remnants of old energy or aspects of a negative experience forward. Old energy only sticks where there is intense emotion involved. We provide a technique that redresses these.  


Not all experiences are considered negative, finding where your karmic roots are held is key to balance in your life. Our technique transcends time, what you release in another experience ripples through this one. Raise your consciousness and ascend easier when the influences of the past have been redressed.

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