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 Animal Healing in person Course

April 2023 Date to be confirmed

In 2023

Animal Communication.

(We look to run this course every year, please contact us to register your interest)

The first part of this course, we connect with animals in person.

We do this by helping you to connect to yourself and then the animal.

Many animals are told what to do, we teach you how to listen to their thoughts.

It builds greater understanding and connection. Life will not be the same again.

(1st Day Course. Approx. 4 hour)


In the second part on the second day we connect with animals from a photograph and also to those that have passed to spirit.

Connecting distantly means that when you're away you can hear them and they can hear you.

Connecting with animals in spirit can bring comfort and understanding to those who’ve lost their loved ones. (2nd Day Course. Approx. 4 Hours)


In both modules we honour animals for their vital role in our existence.

Join us, book your place, do not delay spaces are limited. 

Spiritual Mentorship Calls

By balancing your 5 elements of Spirit, Mind, Physical, Emotional and Energy 


Di and Nicky help you navigate the 4th dimension to integrate the 5th dimension in your life 

Live weekly Calls via Zoom

We will be live each week for interactive Spiritual Mentorship calls, where we coach and teach all aspects of self – spiritual techniques and practice, mind and manifestation and how your body, emotions and energy react to all elements. ….. 

Join us for weekly Mentorship calls via zoom. We share our knowledge of the non-physical (spiritual) world and guide your potential whilst connecting emotionally through mind body and spirit; Whether you are just starting your journey of awareness or been connected since a child - we support you.


Membership has other benefits: recorded meditations, guidance to control your energy field, channellings and more.  
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to register your interest in our 6 Month Spiritual Mentorship (COMING SOON) please click



Online Home Learning Courses that allow you to learn at a time that suits you.

Coming Soon

   Student learning outcomes.   

  During our courses our aim is for students to,


* Establish personal goals and demonstrate progress toward them.

* Learn about themselves, their personal energy both within and without.

* Gain awareness through meditation and various media in order to build a strong spiritual connection.

* Enhance their awareness through practical and academic study.

* Engage in challenging tasks in which they draw upon personal strengths and diverse experiences. With the confidence gained from these experiences         students pursue their individual passions.

* Students are encouraged not to limit their potential for success.

* Students are requested to communicate clearly and collaborate respectfully and compassionately with others keeping the privacy of others at all times

* Students are encouraged to explore a fun, enjoyable approach to learning and enhancing their spiritual connection.

Supporting Spiritual Change Mentorship 


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