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 Release Testimonials

Following my two spiritual healing sessions on my shoulder pain, Nicky recommended a "release" as she felt my recurrent pain was linked to an energy block within me. Through the session with Nicky I identified three points that were linked to the issue. One from from my childhood and two as an adult. Through the process I was able to release the energy block, and replace the emotional pain, anger and fear of the situations with healing love and forgiveness the link to my chronic shoulder pain was broken. I was left feeling emotionally repaired and free from all pain. Since the release I have continued my strenuous job as a nurse without the pain reoccurring. I cannot thank Nicky enough for her fabulous healing skills and am eternally grateful. VEF

I have known nicky a very long time and she has been treating my horses since 2015. She also treats me and my feet I have plantar fasciitis and my feet are very pain full. Through treatments with nicky the pain is subsiding. Sometimes when you go for a treatment you will be amazed at where the route of the problem actually comes from. As I'm on the same wave length as nicky I quiet like it if I think I no what's causing a problem and she confirms it and we work it with energy healing on and energy release. I would recommend nicky to anyone as I have seen and felt the results in me and my ponies. LS 2019

My wife has had a few release sessions with Nicky and I have noticed a big difference in her, more confident, more relaxed and far less 'Bat Shit Crazy'.  S.

I have suffered with anxiety for a very long time and over the years I have spent several hours in GP offices seeking help. I have tried several conventional methods  from counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to medication, however, despite all of these interventions the anxiety never completely disappeared, it was always part of me and would often build and build especially during stressful periods. Six months ago I was at the end of my tether. Having exhausted all of the recommended treatments, Nicky offered me an alternative option, 'Hidden Energy Release' and although sceptical, I felt I had nothing to lose. I had no idea what the cause of my anxieties were, but Nicky assured me that it didn't matter. I'm so glad I put my trust in Nicky, three sessions on and I am a different person, in fact I noticed the changes in my behaviour immediately after the first session.  We are actually getting to the bottom of my anxieties and therefore are dealing with them appropriately. Can't recommend Nicky enough. 


Ms D - 2019 

Hi Di and Nikki

Some words for you to use …

If you are reading this then you have had the privilege of knowing of Nikki and Di at some level. I met Di after I had a problem with my horse which she helped me with animal communication work. She has helped me manage a chronic condition and is always on hand to help further .Earlier this year I experienced a personal problem which had a massive impact on my life. I could not sleep , function as a human , lost weight could not focus on work even though I had to carry on and all the usual symptoms of stress and anxiety prevailed . I was embarrassed upset and felt a failure . I did not know how to move this problem in any direction never mind make any life changing decisions if needed . So I did nothing which in itself was difficult as a natural tendency would be to lash out at anyone and probably everyone. I talked to one trusted friend and was very aware that I did not want to sour our friendship with me going over and over the issues and beliefs . The voices in my head were very strong and dictated what I did where I went and what I said . I felt very out of control with my life. I tried reading books googling my problem and reading all findings , visiting Buddhist temple and taking part if mindfulness sessions and of course trying to reason with my voices which took up most of my time. Then one day I was speaking to Di about my horse and I found the strength to share my problem with her. She was very compassionate and empathetic and invited me to call her any time. I felt reassured but didn’t know why I would call her apart from a friendly voice on the phone. The following week she called me to see how I was .We did some work on my hidden fears. I was desperate. I need to share as my experience as I wasn’t prepared for the outcome . I felt so alive, reassured and calm. The experience was so powerful that it touched me in away no other experience had. It rebalanced me to the degree that I was able to understand why I was feeling so bad with myself and gave me an inner strength and calm to begin to deal with my problem. I did not regress but after a few weeks and anther conversation with Di she explained that she was still able to help me on another level with the help of Nikki. I again did not realise the impact or level of help that they were capable of but as I trusted them, I bought into the process and allowed them to do their work.

I spent around an hour on the telephone to them and afterwards felt very secure in myself. Di asked that I let the process filter through. Again I just went with that request. By the next day I felt so much stronger, positive in my outlook and empowered to take back control of my life. By day 3, I had become so secure in my mind and therefore body that I felt like I was stepping on the moon and taking giant strides into the future with confidence. I noticed that I was laughing again and my whole core strength had improved beyond belief .More importantly my mind went quiet . With the quietness I was able to regain control of my life and I am in a position to take my life in any direction I want with inner confidence and a smile on my face and my importantly in my heart.

I have tried to put this experience into words but failing really other than to say its life changing , powerful and empowering. I  believe this type of help is available to anyone who is half open with their hearts to listen to Di and Nikki.

I am happy to share my experience with anyone who would like to contact me through DI



Charlotte S.

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