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Here you will find our Course Details.  Each course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and techniques you will need to move on to the next level.  After completing the Silver Foundation Level you are able to choose the modules in the Gold Level that resonate with you the most. Of course you can work your way through them all if you so wish whilst working towards the Infinite Level which is a One to One mentorship for those who have progressed through the Silver and Gold levels and wish to have mentorship to becoming truly Quantum.

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Integrating Unity Course. 


A foundation series that brings a Fundamental approach to teaching you the essence of your spiritual connection.

Everyone has a spiritual essence but they do not necessarily activate it within themselves. You are not just your physical body, or your spiritual body, you are so much more. We are dedicated to supporting you to connect to your spiritual self and the limitless potential that the world of spirit provides.

Module 1. Personal Energy, Open & Closing.

Module 2. Focus, Meditation, Meadow & Rooms

Module 3. FUDGE

Module 4. Chakras, Auras and Colours

Module 5. Spirit Guides

Module 6. Spiritual. Psychic or Mind

Our 6 module course gives you the firm foundations into knowing who you truly are. When you know yourself and your own energy then you know when another energy is present. The basis of our teachings is to connect you with your spiritual guide and understand your natural connection.

The next course for the Integrating Spiritual Unity is being held..

Please see Calendar for details


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For those who have completed the Integrating Course, the Practice Unity courses are a series of techniques that will build on your basic foundations, they will highlight your natural abilities but also show where more focus is required. You can choose to complete any of these modules in any order, however if you wish to attain our Gold Certificate and advance to the Infinite Quantum Levels all Gold modules need to be completed.   

Course includes.


Animal communication

Tarot and Angel Cards

Circle of Power



Past Life Karma

Ghosts and Progression

Nature and Trees

Remote viewing

The Clairs 


Distance Healing and Empathy

Automatic Writing

Clairvoyance and Mediumship


Living with Gifted Children

Introduction to Higher Guides

After completing our Integrating Unity Course the next step on your journey is the Practicing Spiritual Unity levels. 


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The Infinite Unity course is a mentorship program to enhance your gifts, your knowing and support you without limits to be who you choose to be.


One to One Mentorship


Astral Travel

Remote viewing

Higher Meditation

Compassion and Love

Advanced Chakras

Psychic Surgery

Channelling other Guides


Quantum Healing

Quantum Living

The Infinite course is a one to one mentorship based course for those that have participated in the Integrating Unity and Practicing Unity courses and want to learn the infinite Quantum powers of the spirit world. 


Supporting Spiritual Change Course Pyramid


NEW Pyramid.. JPEG.png

Infinite Unity

Practice Unity

Integrating Unity

   Student learning outcomes.   

   During our courses our aim is for students to,


* Establish personal goals and demonstrate progress toward them.

* Learn about themselves, their personal energy both within and without.

* Gain awareness through meditation and various media in order to build a strong spiritual connection.

* Enhance their awareness through practical and academic study.

* Engage in challenging tasks in which they draw upon personal strengths and diverse experiences. With the confidence gained from these experiences         students pursue their individual passions.

* Students are encouraged not to limit their potential for success.

* Students are requested to communicate clearly and collaborate respectfully and compassionately with others keeping the privacy of others at all times

* Students are encouraged to explore a fun, enjoyable approach to learning and enhancing their spiritual connection.

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