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 Healing Testimonials

Di helped us through two different tough situations where the introduction of a new pet into the family did not go as planned.  Di provided guidance on how to handle both situations.  Further, using feedback from us, Di was able to make additional suggestions.  We were better able to understand what we were doing right and what it was about our own behavior and reactions that needed changing.  We also started trusting our own instincts thanks to Di’s coaching.  There was no quick fix for either problem, but our situation has vastly improved and we continue to work with our animals in a productive way.  Di is extremely gifted and genuinely cares, and we would not hesitate to recommend her to others.


Jen from California

As a nurse I was struggling with chronic shoulder pain. I had tried all traditional approached, deep tissue massage, medication, including ointments and nothing was working. The traditional methods alleviated the pain, but it reoccurred within hours. Having spoke  to Nicky she was confident to be able to provide relief through spiritual healing. I had two healing sessions and the relief was immediate. I felt like a weight had been lifted and my body felt like new. I would recommend it to anyone suffering with chronic pain. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional attitude and service provided by Nicky and will be using her for any future injuries or issues. VEF

Once again thank you for the treatments I have found them to be enlightening.

Hello I’m Shelley and 38. My beautiful dog Stanley was healed via Di’s Bio energy Healing after a slipped disc. Di very kindly offered to give up her time once again to balance my energy and seeing the amazing results on our little jug I instantly said yes. After 4 very difference sessions I can honestly say "Don’t know what you’ve done misses but I can now understand how Stanley must feel it really is Epic energy". Thank you Di you are a kind beautiful lady and I’ll come for that top up in 4 weeks because it’s priceless!!!! xxxxx  2013

I have two advanced dressage horses that regularly compete . Over the years I have had many different types of treatment in order to help them stay as comfortable and as able to do the work as possible . After one of Di's treatments I was absolutely blown away by how physically different they felt ! Softer,more elastic and so much freer ! The one horse has had a fairly chequered background making him emotionally switched off and a little shut down . After his treatment he was like a reformed character ! I would totally recommend Di's work to anyone . HW 2013

I have had my little pony for 3 years and previous to him coming to live with us he had suffered terribly with laminitis for many years.  I had tried many different healing paths to try and help him where we have met some wonderful people all of whom have helped him on the road to recovery. He was looking good but there was something still holding him back.

Then one day Nicky came to the field to look at another horse and ‘Tink’ came to see what was happening, Actually I now realise he had already recognised that Nicky was special, and he had linked into her amazing healing energies.

Without me saying anything Nicky was observing him and I asked for her opinion, she explained that the energy to the feet which could be linked to blood supply was compromised.  After six sessions conducted over eight weeks, not only have I seen the improvement, but my farrier has seen more hoof growth, better quality and he has been able to shed his sole which is rare for him. He generally walks better, and his cheeky personality is returning. JP.

All in all, I have immense gratitude for the energy that you were able to transfer to me. Instead of trudging through a bog I am floating on a weightless cloud for a large proportion of time. I am looking forward to reading the processes in your book and gradually making more changes towards the lighter version of me. SM.

My body is much freer now and I generally feel good. My knee is not 100% but is about 90% better. Thank you for seeing me and opening me up to the healing after being closed down for so long.

Thank you again

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah   June 2019


It is very peaceful and there is a light breeze gently moving the curtains around my bed. I have my fan on and I am imaging myself lying on a beach the noise of the fan is the waves breaking on the shore. I feel comfortable, no, more than comfortable, radiant. I tell myself how can this be true, I’ve in intensive care and I have so many injuries from being thrown from my horse into a gate, 10 days ago. Then it dawns on me that Di is helping me. I’m having a distance healing session from Di. It feels like soothing lifting energy radiating around my body.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay


I tell myself I am going to walk tomorrow and it’s going to feel like dancing.

Next morning while been washed by a nurse my left leg springs up and I tell her that this is amazing as I have not been able to lift my left leg off the bed for 10 days. I would have loved to tell her that it was help from Di last night. I face time my husband David and tell him the good news he is delighted.

The physio arrives and he helps me sit up and put my legs over the side. He helps me stand by supporting me but it is easer than I was expecting as I have been passing out until now.  I am able to walk with his help a few steps to the end of the bed, to door and then to the lift and back. It feels so good like dancing. There is a long way to go but I am going to get better. I face time David and he is so happy that he is crying. It’s been a marvellous day everybody has given me help and encouragement but it will always be Di’s extra ordinary healing that got me up.  

Thank you Di you are amazing. Xx

Di I just wanted to let you have some feedback after your distance healing session.

We did an unridden session in the school yesterday during which he
kicked up his heels and zoomed around quite a bit! I was concerned that
maybe he was objecting in some way.

Today however I took him for a hack; it was like he was 10 years
younger. At trot he really picked up his feet no dragging toes and he
was in front the whole way so definitely feeling a lot more comfortable.
Thanks so much xxx  RT

"I'm made up, highly recommended to whoever wants to try. I'd been over tired and energy depleted over time, my back's been painful for years. 

After working with Di the pain has gone. She was intuitive and tailored to me and my friends. It was insightful. 

Afterwards I felt great, I slept better and the next day my back was still fine, no pain. 

I loved working with Di, I want more." 

(J.C. 2022)  

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