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 Animal communication / Healing Testimonials



Narla usually sleeps in a little hunched ball, it’s very rare that she lays out and she almost never lays on her back.  Tonight she fell asleep all sprawled out on her back looking very pleased with her self! Thank you so much, you’ve helped her so much x  JW

Diane, Please go ahead and make use of my name- Caroline Kim ( BVSc LFVetHom CertIVAS MRCVS). I would certainly recommend your communication with any of my patients for deeper healing for health. 

Best of luck to you in the future.


Caroline  2013


I have known nicky for a very long time and when I found out she about her healing I arranged straight away for her to come and treat my pony Tilly. Nicky has been treating Tilly since 2015 now, she had lots of issues with stuck energy. Over the time nicky has been treating her it has been a slow process but I'm really seeing the results now. Our dressage scores have been better than ever and Tilly feels the best ever. Nicky is polite and punctual and I can't recommend her enough. I'm very particular about who treats and handles my horses and I don't hesitate in calling nicky asap when there is a problem. She is now working with my new horse a pure bred French Arab who hasn't been ridden for 12 months, I've had him 6 weeks and he has had 2 treatments lots for nicky to work on and me to do in between treatments. Exciting times ahead. LS


I came across Di quite by accident when I was looking for someone to help with my horse , she was recommended to me from the first time I spoke to Di I had confidence in her healing ability’s , my hot headed mare was not herself and I could not quite put my finger on the problem

Di did a distance healing and was spot on with her reading of Millie , she did another healing session a couple of weeks on and good improvement was shown , just back on the road to recovery and back in the saddle when Millie then pulled a ligament in her hock , a very bad injury , Di has once again come to the rescue , distance healing Millie is so calm box dispite several weeks box rest I can’t believe how settled and patient  she is

I will continue to have Di work with Millie and would not hesitate to recommend her , she has time to discuss her findings and I feel very fortunate to have her helping with the healing and wellbeing of my best friend

Pat Stephenson 2020


In 2015 Nicky started treating my pony and doing animal communication with her. Nicky works with Tilly on a regular bases doing treatments and in between if I no there is something not right I speak to her and get her to speak to Tilly and see what's wrong and if Nicky needs to she sends her distance healing. My pony loves talking to Nicky she a very upfront in your face says it like it is pony who does swear on the odd occasion! Nicky is super talented and I can't recommend her enough.. she is my go to person if I can't sort a problem with either of my ponies. LS


The reason for this post is to let Di know how very grateful I am for her healing of one of my ponies. In March my pony started to display signs of discomfort when I rode her. This was rather intermittent but got worse in April and my thoughts were that her seasons were the cause. I asked Di if she would connect with my Pony for some distance healing. I am so glad I did. Di discovered quite a list of issues and started to help Poppy. She did need a few sessions and Poppy did appear to get a little worse one time as she was clearing out the bad stuff !!! After a couple of weeks of Di checking in and offering Poppy healing she is remarkably better and her body is in better alignment. I’m sharing because I hope this information might be useful to others 😁 💕  Julie B.


Morning Di

Firstly thank you for your communication with Es.  Your accuracy was spot on- REALLY spot on- and deepens my understanding of his needs and wants. Sarah has a giant ball and we put it in the arena to play with- his delight was simply beautiful.  (L.L.E 2020)


May 2021 - Apollo

I have a 10 year old Anglo Arab who suffered a kick in the field. Whilst the vet had diagnosed an injury, new symptoms were displaying which made me question what was going on. Despite several vet visits & a second opinion I was unsure what to do the the best. At my wits end and with a very unhappy horse I contacted Di for guidance, well Di confirmed my suspicions on the injury and I soon realised I got two issues going on. Once Di communicated with Apollo we then had a healing session, the very next day I noticed a huge difference in him, he was a lot more settled and calm (something an Arab isn’t normally) I will forever be grateful for the help Di gave my boy and I will definitely be seeking support from Di in the future.

Thank You  

R. Smith

Dog behaviour 

An 18month old dog was anxiously barking at people, this feedback is after the first healing session. 

"Thank you Di for yesterday he seems to be much calmer; met someone on our morning walk and although he barked he recovered much quicker. Also he let me groom him this afternoon without me having to hold him down, was so pleased "

and a week later "Tarn’s improvement is amazing, still a long way to go but he’s been walking around the rings with so much more confidence"

(S.R. 2022)

Eye ulcer 

Having spent 3 weeks, including a plasma treatment, which has improved but not cleared, I was asked for a distance healing session with Henry a 10 year old boxer. 

The pictures below show progress from the day I started working with him, He only had 2 distance healing sessions with the second picture. 

"Your amazing he looks so much better this morning thank you so much xx" (CH2022)

Henry eye after 2022 _n.jpg
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